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I want to share a testimony that is very precious in my family. A testimony we are always eager to share. It happened sixteen years ago. My mum went to the market to get food stuffs for the house, back then we were staying in my state. My dad was to arrive from Lagos as he was currently working there. Usually, my mum makes a list of what she wants to buy in the market before setting out.
On this particular day she left out Maggi from the list of things which she was supposed to buy, which is very unlike her. Then she decided to send my brother to get it.
“Valentine, please watch the cars passing by and make sure you stay away from the main road”
Prior to this time my immediate elder brother had told my mum that he had a dream that the flower vase on our table got broken. So my mum gathered us to pray and my immediate elder brother sang this song
“The devil is losing again……”
Car tires screeching, driver tries to swerve, but succeeds in picking the young boy from the wall. Drags him a long distance, with the car leaving a mark on the wall…eventually climbs on him, the market women in the vehicle rush down to help the boy and then suddenly the driver drives off.
A Muslim man runs to the scene and places his chest on the boy
“He is Dead”
They got a piece of cloth and they covered him. “Who is the boy’s mother and how can we get to her?” they asked.
A good Samaritan runs to a nearby house
“Mama Val, Mama Val”
She rushes out
“Your son Val had an accident and he is dead”
She runs to a nearby well to jump inside and suddenly hears a voice saying “He that keepeth watch over thee neither slumbers nor sleep” (Ps 121:4)
Here the story goes; my brother was taken to several hospitals, only to be told that the doctors were not available. Due to the chaos, they forgot a nearby hospital, to which the doctor was a family friend. On getting there my mum went out to pray as she wasn’t let in with him.
“Father, I shut the gates of Heaven and Hell, no one gets in, till my son comes back”
Minutes after, the doctor comes to meet her where she is
“Madam, your son is back to life, but in a critical condition.
My dad gets back from Lagos and hears that his first son was involved in an accident, though by then it wasn’t so critical any more. What happened next always brings gratitude to our hearts.

The continuing part coming up next….

I want to thank all who contributed in the name suggestions of the previous article, Mr. Oshin Emmanuel, Mr. Seyi Akinseesin, Mr. Barry,Mr. Jon Koko, Miss. Susan Ug, Miss. Marian, Mr. Kayode Onoba, Miss. Ibk, Mr. Akpaibor Etse, Pst. Omo Jesu, Beyond Words. I had a hard time picking any of the Names, so the article remains nameless as they each suit the article in their different ways.


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So I was in my room, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop on my dad’s conversation, it just happened that I heard what he was saying, you will have to trust me on this one. Okay! What I heard him say triggered something in me, I know I have always heard this statement, but I just found out that the statement is not right neither is it true.

If I tell you what He said, it means we are both guilty of the crime of eavesdropping. I don’t know what the other person said to him. All I know is that he said “you are on your own”. Some people have abbreviated it to O.Y.O (on your own). As of yesterday, I now completely disagree with this statement. I am not on my own, “I am so taking it personal!”

In any battle you face in life or any circumstance you face in life, remember He that is for you, He that is in you, He that is with you. It is this same consciousness of God, that helped David win His battle against Goliath.

Then David said to the Philistine, Thou comest to me with a sword,

And with a spear, and with a shield: but I come to thee

in the name of the LORD Of hosts, the God of the

armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied (1Samuel 17: 45)

The outcome of the battle as we all know, David killed Goliath (this was like our anthem in children church). David knew that God was with Him, and the battle was of the Lord (1Sam 17: 47), surely if the Lord is in a battle, it’s so certain that He would win.

Perhaps you happen to be sent on an official assignment by the President, you would be able to enter anywhere the President can enter, because you know you have the backing of the President. It was a phone call that brought this to my consciousness that I am not alone. Greater is He that is in me (1John 4: 4). With this few words of mine I hope I have been able to convince you and not to confuse you that you are not ON YOUR OWN!

What shall we then say to these things? If God [be] for us,

who [can be] against us? (Romans 8: 31)

Meditate on this scripture and know that you are not “on your own” in whatever it seems that you are going through. No Goliath can stand against you, when God is for you!

Please leave your comments and suggestions and I will surely act on them. Part 2 of little beginnings would be posted tomorrow.


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