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Mixing the words

Ever wondered why the Alphabet A
comes first
and not the Alphabeth Z

Ever wondered why the lion is
called the Lion
and not the ant

Day in Day out
I have wondered at many things
Creating a world of my own
of course in my little imaginations

In my little world
I have met strangers
and we have become friends

In my little world
I have travelled
to great cities in minutes

In my little world
Z may just be before A
or the ant called the lion
perhaps the number 2
might just come before one

from here
I have met famous people
Travelled to cities
Played with the familiar
But I haven’t gotten up from my little bed.

Imagination is a very powerful tool, learn to picture your furture from the scripture. This poem depicts the funny side of imagination. Start thinking of that beautiful wedding day, the lovely gown, lovely children, your dream job…Expectation starts with having a mental picture of what you want!


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